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Arrange for HVAC maintenance services in Kyle, TX

Tired of paying for frequent HVAC repairs? Sign up for a bi-annual HVAC maintenance plan with J&J Cooling and Heating Services in Kyle, TX. We can inspect your HVAC system once in the fall and once in the spring. You can trust us to catch minor issues before they turn into costly repair problems down the road.

Sign up for AC or heating maintenance services by calling 512-596-6905 right away. We can keep your system operating at maximum efficiency.

Regular maintenance can extend the life of your heating and cooling systems and improve your energy efficiency. J&J Cooling and Heating Services provides HVAC maintenance in Kyle, TX and surrounding areas. During our maintenance checkups, we'll:

  • Clean the exterior of your HVAC unit
  • Inspect cleaning valves, compressors and coils
  • Test electrical connections
  • Replace dirty filters
  • Adjust fan belts
Call 512-596-6905 today to get your free estimate and schedule AC or heating maintenance services.